The "Together We Are Good" campaign was launched by the Authority of Social Contribution - Ma’an as a response to the global pandemic in 2020. The goal was to bring the community together to support the Governments’ effort to address the crisis and provide support.  "Together We Are Good" was aimed to reach every person in the community; donors, volunteers and people affected by the global pandemic​​​​​​​.
The idea behind integrating the two main spoken languages in the UAE into one graphic, was to show the community coming together and becoming one. The campaigns' branding and design needed to be simple, modern, clear and approachable in order for it to reach everybody in addition to being recognized as a Ma’an initiative. We chose colors that would encourage giving and spread positivity and trust during those unprecedented times.The ‘Together We Are Good’ campaign was strategically launched through digital and social platforms which was suitable during the time.
As a result, the campaign generated over 45 million Dirhams in funds in its first 24 hours. ​​​​​​​
*Transform Award MEA Best implementation of a brand development project - 2021
Silver – Ma’an - Authority of Social Contribution. All About Brands
The campaign used simple icons and graphics as an international language, we wanted the ideas and sentiments to reach people of different backgrounds, languages and ages before even reading what the post or ad is about.
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